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The Rise of the Bag Charm

Jane Birkin inspires adding personal touches to your accessories

Trending now... | Jun 24, 2024

We’re entering an era of accessorised accessories. Personalising our possessions with keepsakes we've collected along the way. Keyrings, bag charms, ribbons, scarfs and chains, have latched onto the handles of our handbags, bringing a hint of personality to our old accessories in need of revival. 

Text by Augustine Hammond

Of course, the resurgence of this trend can be largely credited to the late Jane Birkin. Recent social media buzz featuring her well-loved, over-stuffed Birkin bag – famously named in her honour – has reignited interest in a quirky and personalised approach to luxury.

The trend has permeated Instagram and TikTok, with users #JaneBirkinifying their bags with DIY touches like beads, bows, thrifted key chains and even Tamagotchis. British artists Dua Lipa and Lily Allen have been seen with their own Jane Birkinified Hermès bags, festooned with charms and draped in silk scarfs.  

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In a recent report, Vogue Business referred to bag charms as “a gateway to luxury ownership.” Outlining that newcomers to luxury with a limited budget might opt for accessorising their high-street or mid-range accessories with a stamp of designer approval for a fraction of the price. “It’s a way of buying into luxury when prices are pushing even small accessory categories out of reach: a wallet that might once have cost $300-odd is now pushing between $500 and $1,000,” they say. 

In a climate of rising costs, bag charms can offer an element of excitement without the hefty price tag of a new handbag. And we have to admit, the lure of a small, daily dose of joy and nostalgia, especially one you can create at home, is undeniable.

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Luxury brands have embraced the trend with open arms, offering an array of options for every wearer. Balenciaga made a case for the over-accessorised accessory with its leather handbags dripping in hearts, locks, keys and tassels. While LOEWE’s animals-inspired keyrings include adorable sea turtles, shrimps, and pandas. 

Anya Hindmarch is somewhat of an expert in delightful gimmicks, and her keyring offering is by far the most expansive, featuring a faux Carmex pot, a packet of Nurofen and a sachet of Heinz Tomato Ketchup for on-the-go! Burberry and Max Mara also dipped their toes in the trend with teddy bears dangling from their latest bags. 

Whether you're adding a cherished keepsake or designer accent to your handbag, accessorising your accessories makes a statement, reflective of both personal style and meaningful experience.