Fur Enough

Trending now... | Mar 15, 2024

Striking the balance between stylish ferocity and ladylike elegance, fur exists in the wardrobes of Princesses, Mob Wives, rockstar girlfriends and Wes Anderson characters alike. With a turbulent fashion history, actual fur in all its forms once represented opulence and expensive taste and it wasn't until the early 2000s that the luxury material came under scrutiny.

By Olivia Barrett

Animal rights groups such as PETA became infamous for its (rather iconic we must say) runway stormings and celebrity-endorsed ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’ campaign which implored both designers and consumers to ditch the scandalous material in favour of faux.

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The question of ethics has long been on fashion’s lips and so it’s no wonder that most luxury houses have made the switch from real to faux. So unlike Sex and the City’s beloved Samantha Jones, you can get the look and avoid a generous dousing of shameful red paint!

Much like florals for Spring, fur for Autumn/Winter 2024 may not be groundbreaking, but with Mob Wife aesthetics gripping the wise guys and girls of TikTok, faux fur’s chameleon characteristics were playful accents in many collections, their furry appeal piquing the interests of fashion houses from London to Paris.

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In Milan, Prada showed elegant 1950s cocktail dresses with hems, collars and shoulder detailing accented with a mink-like faux fur, adding an established elegance to the youthful silhouette of the shift. Prada’s uber-elegance was joined by Simone Rocha in London, whose speckles of faux fur across flouncy dresses, dramatic earrings and shoes (faux fur ballerinas anyone?) allowed for a nice contrast between femininity and ferocity.

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Faux fur also graced more runways in London, with shaggy accents on dramatic collars at 16Arlington, leaning into the more primal nature of the material and allowing for unkempt textures to shine. While at Burberry, fur was generously deployed across cuffs, coats and collars in shades of pistachio, white and aubergine.

Coperni proved that these definitely aren't your grandmother’s furs, fashioning mini skirts out of the fluffy fabric and adding dense hems of faux fur to denim jackets, transforming the stuffy fabric into something much sexier. While at Ann Demeulemeester, shaggy black faux fur was used alongside the brand’s signature black leather, combining two strong fabrics to define a punky look.

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While this furry trend may have once divided us, its stylish versatility will unite us. The Margot Tenenbaums and Carmela Sopranos of the world will finally have something in common, and if you’d like to get in on the fun, then shop from our edit of furry finds below: